About SweepReLeaf

My name is Michael Smith and I invented SweepReLeaf.

I am a contractor and have been for over 30 years. I have used trash bags for clean-up throughout that time. I found it extremely difficult to sweep debris into a trash bag by myself and I hated to see the inefficiency of 2 men sweeping up debris into a trash bag.

That is why I came up with SweepReLeaf.

It makes clean-up fast and easy and with only one person! I hope you, too, will enjoy the benefits of using SweepReLeaf to clean your job-site debris, garage floor or yard leaves and grass!

Tired of backpain from bending over using an old fashioned dustpan?

Old School

Wish it didn’t take two people to sweep into a trash bag?

Two Men=Inefficient

No more room in your truck for that big bulky trash can?

Easy & Compact

Watch SweepReLeaf in action!

Quick Work Site Clean Up

Easy Garage Clean Up

A Better Way To Clean UP

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